Update v1.1

April 30th, 2023

Author: Kate Ward

Xenia for Discord v1.1 was released today with some minor bug fixes and major additions to the logging capabilities.


  • [Logging]
    • Added Channel Delete event
    • Added Channel Create event
    • Added User Voice Channel Events
      • Mute/Unmute
      • Deafen/Undeafen
      • Streaming start/stop
      • Camera Start/Stop
      • Disconnect/Connect
    • Message Edit event shows the diff between messages.
  • [Moderation]
    • Kick/Ban Members
    • Purge any amount of messages from a channel. Limit set to 300


  • [Level System]
    • Webhooks will be ignored when counting towards XP. Now only users should be able to use the leveling system.

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