Update v1.2

August 11th, 2023

Author: Kate Ward

It's been a long time since we last had an update!

Xenia for Discord v1.2 was released today with some minor bug fixes, quality of life changes, new features, and a rebrand!

Xenia for Discord is also Open-Source now! You can view the code in our GitHub Repository. All issues will also be handled through there, so please create them there instead of the old repository.


  • [Level System]
    • Added the /xp leaderboard to view your server's leaderboard
  • Image Manipulation
    • Added the /caption command. Backported from "Xenia for Discord"
  • Economy
    • Two commands have been added; /econ daily and /econ balance. Currently there is no way to spend your coins, but there will be in the near future.
  • Add /dice command.
  • Add /remind command.


  • The Leveling system has had the following refactors since v1.1
    • Each level is now xpRequired = level^2 * 100
    • You'll now get in-between 4 to 16 experience per message instead of 1-5 experience.
  • Minor spelling mistakes in code and messages.
  • /esix query will show e621.net for NSFW posts instead of e926.net


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