Update v1.3

August 12th, 2023

Author: Kate Ward

Xenia for Discord v1.3 was released today with some minor bug fixes and some new commands.


  • DistroWatch (backported from "Xenia for Revolt")
    • Only command at the moment is /distrowatch random which fetches a random Linux distribution from my Distrowatch Scraper API
  • Admin-only
    • Added Authentik Administration (backported from "Xenia for Revolt")
  • Level System
    • /xp setchannel
      • Add ability to set what channel level up notifications go into.
    • /xp enable
      • Enable Level Up Messages (default)
    • /xp disable
      • Disable Level Up Messages


  • Fixed issue with commands being used in Direct Messages that may cause it to not work properly.

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