Major Updaate 2023-12-27

December 27th, 2023

Author: Kate Ward

An update has been released for Xenia, which consists of some lovely new features and some bug fixes.

  • Xenia Dashboard has been bumped to v0.7
  • Xenia bot has been bumped to v1.9


  • Add Music Module!!! (feature/music)
    • Now you can have Xenia play some good tunes in voice chat.
    • NOTE This feature is in beta and it might be unstable.
  • Level-Up Role Rewards
    • When a member reaches a certain level, you can configure the Level System to grant them rewards.
    • Role rewards will be re-granted to a member if the re-join the server (and if they have unlocked the rewards).
    • You can also manually trigger role rewards to be re-granted with /xp reward-reload

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors not being reported properly (e6d0630)


  • Add Back Buttons to some pages in the dashboard (f046487)
  • Move MongoDB stuff for LevelMemberModel into it's own controller, LevelMemberModelController. (9f31c99)
  • Show default avatar when there is no custom avatar for listed members in Server Details (03012bb)

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