New Years Update

January 7th, 2024

Author: Kate Ward

Happy (late) New Year! An update has been released for Xenia, small changes and fixes.

  • Xenia Dashboard has been bumped to v0.8
  • Xenia Bot has been bumped to v1.10


  • Role Preserving
    • When someone leaves your server, then re-joins it, they will be granted all the roles that they previously had.
    • This can be enabled via /rolepreserve enable or via the Dashboard in the Moderation tab.
  • Guilds will be notified when their BanSync Guild State has been modified by a team member. (9a0a998)
  • Error Reporting is now more easily accessible for the Dashboard. You can now report exceptions with the ErrorReportController which is available in the XeniaBot.Shared project.


  • ConfigData has gone through a major refactor. When LOG_WRITE is set to true, it will automatically upgrade the config schema. This upgrade is incompatible with environment configs, so you'll have to manually upgrade that yourself.
  • Removed the /bansync enableguild command since /bansync setstate does the same thing but better.
  • Upgraded to .NET 8 (18f4be8)
    • Default URL for the Dashboard has changed from 80 to 8080.
  • Navbar was moved to it's own component in the dashboard
  • When LOG_WRITE is true, it will try to write the config after parsing, reading and validating it. (fddbb98)

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