Dashboard QoL changes

January 27th, 2024

Author: Kate Ward

An update has been released for Xenia Bot. This includes some bug fixes and quality-of-life changes to the dashboard.

Along with this, some guide entries have been modified


  • Added ability to see Ban Sync records for members in your server
    • The guide entry has also been updated to show how to access this feature (see)
  • Added Moderation Guide (381c037)


  • Refactor how Xenia is launched to remove duplicate code across XeniaBot.WebPanel and XeniaBot.Core
  • Configuration Changes (97241fd)
    • ConfigData has been bumped to v3
    • Moved ConfigData.MongoDBConnectionUrl to MongoDBConfigItem.ConnectionUrl
    • Added ability to set the database name to use (MongoDBConfigItem.DatabaseName)
  • Added property RecordId to BanSyncInfoModel. (366b42f)
    • Required RecordUpliftController to be created to make sure RecordId is set. (1c2eeb3)
  • Updated BanSync guide (1760975)


  • Use the correct guild name when notifying server owners that someone in their server just got banned. (3b6a588)

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