Redesigned Stuff

February 12th, 2024

Author: Kate Ward

I've been pretty bored as of late and I've decided to add some extra love to the design of the Xenia Dashboard and Website (most importantly, the website).


I have backported a lot of the styling from Bootstrap 2 to the Xenia Website since I am in love with it's design (and I have ever since I started doing web design).

There are also authors affiliated with blog posts so new blog posts can be credited to future authors and contributors of the project.

With this blog post, a new update has been released to the Dashboard which fixes some accessibility and QoL things.


  • Partial Redesign (feature/dashboard-redesign-01)
    • Decluttered the Navbar
    • Decluttered the Server Details page
    • Add page navigation to BanSync records
    • Fix Navbar not being able to show on mobile devices
  • Add ability to refresh bans in Admin Panel (af9956b)


  • Fixed /bansync refresh not getting all records.


  • Add ability to collapse sidebar on guide page
  • Port the styles of some Bootstrap 2 components to Bootstrap 5
  • Add authors on blog posts
  • Show tags on individual posts in the blog listing page
  • Use badge class on blog post tags
  • Fix some general bugs

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