Dashboard Reactivity!

April 14th, 2024

Author: Kate Ward

Holy moly! A new update has been released for Xenia Bot. Some bug fixes, and implementing HTMX into the Dashboard.

Yep, you heard me right, HTMX has now been (pretty much) implemented everywhere in the Dashboard! This has been a somewhat big milestone for me and the Dashboard since;

  1. First time creating a reactive web app.
  2. Actually using HTMX in something that isn't a to-do list.


  • HTMX for the Dashboard
  • When trying to access a page that requires you to login, Discord will now redirect you back to the page you came from.


  • Admin Panel
    • Admin Panel Server Listing
      • Implemented infinite scrolling with HTMX
    • Layout has not changed, but the page will no longer refresh when saving a setting.
  • Server Listing
    • Implemented infinite scrolling with HTMX
    • Server Details
      • "Fun" card now shows what modules are enabled and disabled.
      • "Fun" settings
        • Confession, Counting, and Level System settings have been moved back to one page.
        • The page will no longer reload when saving any settings due to full HTMX implementation on this page.
  • Reminders
    • Implemented infinite scrolling with HTMX
  • Preferences
    • Uses HTMX for saving your own preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • BanSync records will no longer be added infinitely when the Reason is empty on Discord.

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