About Moderation Tools

Xenia provides a suite of Moderation tools, this includes (but isn't limited to);

Server Logging

Just like many other bots, Xenia has the ability to log events in the server. This includes;

  • Member Joined
    • This also shows the invite they came from and who invited them.
  • Member Leave
  • Member Banned
  • Member Kicked
  • Message Edited
    • Displayed in the same format as a the diff command
  • Message Delete
    • Note: In the future this will also save the attachments in the message.
  • Channel Delete
  • Channel Edit
  • Channel Create
  • Member Voice Change
    • Joined, Left, Muted (user & server), Deafened (user & server)

The Server Logging feature can be configured via the dashboard and with the /log setchannel command.